Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Making Ice Cream

OK, if you do not know what this bucket with crank is, then you do not know what real ice cream tastes like! Yep, nothing better than fresh ice cream made with cream, raw eggs, real cane sugar, and real fruit picked from the back yard. I even liked the occasional piece of rock salt that ends up in the ice cream.

I found it interesting reading the comments and seeing that others remember how good the old school ice cream was when we were kids.


  1. Oh, my. We kids would turn and turn that crank until we couldn't budge it another inch, and then my father would come over and crank it for another five minutes or so. We just thought he was the strongest person in the world! Of course, there's a fair difference between a twelve year old's muscles and a man of thirty-five.

  2. Every year on his birthday, a family gathering down on grandpa's farm meant cranking some ice cream. The men folk sat around the back porch taking turns. The women folk were inside, probably clearing the dinner table and washing dishes and sharing a little gossip. We kids buzzed around, getting chips of salty ice to suck on.

    And then... the vanilla, strawberry or banana ice cream would eventually be dished out. Bet in the world. No commercial ice cream ever approached the deliciousness of that home made delight.


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