Friday, May 27, 2016

Ice Cream Vendor

Wow, how many of you can remember being able to buy a delicious ice cream treat for a nickle? Those were indeed the good old days. Now, I know some will pipe up and say that people did not make much money back then, so things have not really changed. But I claim that they have changed. In the 1960's a man could work at a gas station, have a house, a car, and support a family of four. Now both husband and wife must work, and even then must have fairly good jobs to be able to maintain a car and a home. As prices and wages have increased, over time the workers have lost out.


  1. In 1965, I bought a fairly new 3 bedroom house with a full basement, with a separate garage with a large screened in patio for $15,000. I sold it five years later for $24,000. Now the same house would be in the 250,000 area.
    When I bought my house I had 4 very young kids and a stay at home wife. I did work apart time second job on week ends but that was just to help out a friend.

  2. My parents bought a brand new home in 1952 - potential for four bedrooms, although my dad used one for a study, and the second upstairs bedroom was "the attic" - full basement, and real plaster walls, for $15,000, which was three times my dad's annual salary at the time. It's been bought and sold several times since then, and most recently was on the market for about $300,000. I've heard many people say they can't afford to buy the house they currently own.

    Yesterday, I picked up two Mallo-Cups in the grocery store, for 79 cents. When I was in high-school, they were a nickel. Of course, that was back when the pterodactyl was still our national bird.

  3. I was in Palacios last weekend, sitting on the porch of the Luther hotel, when the ice cream truck came by. Of course the music is automated now, but the sound was the same, and it was such fun to see. Now, I may have to go buy myself an ice cream to get over this temptation.


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