Monday, May 23, 2016

Ice Cream Truck

With warmer weather arriving, I figure it is time for us to look at our favorite summertime treat . . . ice cream. So, we start with this picture from 1942 of the Good Humor Ice Cream Man. Is it just me, or did ice cream treats taste better back in the day? It is like they really used to be just that . . . iced cream. Now they are made of some sort of milk derived substitute. Back in the day, eskimo pies were made with real cream, and then covered in real chocolate. The ones now just can not compare to the ones I grew up with.


  1. Yes, I miss those days when you could get REAL ice cream. not some fluffed up substitute product.
    Blame it on Dairy Queen and their soft ice cream.

  2. Sad that the economics of profit over quality have ruined yet another childhood experience for kids today. I remember good, full-flavored and creamy textured ice cream, too (being in my sixth decade). Looking over the "enticements" in the frozen bin in any store is pathetic nowadays.
    When I was about seven, my sister and brother had permission to take me down to the gas station on the corner of our neighborhood where there was that chest full of ice cream bars and such. For a nickle, I would get a really GOOD ice cream sandwich.

  3. I have recently discovered gelato (Italian for ice cream - I had to look that up.) It is more like the ice cream I remember in the '30's and'40's.


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