Friday, May 6, 2016

Beach Scene

Today we have a picture of a beach scene from 1900. Of course, the first thing we notice is how modest swim ware was back then. Also, notice the men wore suit and ties to the beach. I will have to admit I would prefer the days of more modesty, politeness and slowness of pace.


  1. It really is a shame we don't have amusement parks any more. They were terrific places to go for a date, or a church youth group outing. We had two here in the Baltimore area; I don't know what happened to Carlin's Park, but the other one, Gwynn Oak, was wiped out by a hurricane and the management decided not to rebuild. State fairs and Firemen's Carnivals are nice, but just not the same.

  2. I'd applaud more modesty on the beach.
    -Anne K.

    1. I agree. Not that I'd want to wear a long skirt, or hubby in dress shoes and a tie, but some folks might as well be starkers. And that applies to both males and females.


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