Friday, April 1, 2016

Urban Gardening

Today's picture is from 1944. What I really like about it is we have a woman who has found a little spot to garden in the midst of an urban area. The picture was taken in Queens, New York. No matter where you are, hopefully you can find a little spot to plant something.


  1. Based on the year, this is probably a WWII Victory Garden.

  2. That spot looks like it's behind the Queensbridge Houses, which are less than a mile from where I live.

    Happy Spring!

  3. Definitely a Victory Garden. "Yes, I can" was the motto, usually with a picture of a pert young lady with her arms full of canned vegetables. It looks as if the spot next to her belongs to another gardener.

    My parents lived in a row house, and there was maybe two feet between the walk and the fence. My mum planted vegetables there, and my dad buried the compost. By the time we moved we had a nice sized "volunteer" peach tree growing in that space, along with the usual beans and carrots.

  4. I once lived in a big city, in a long row of three-story duplexes with driveways between. There was a two-foot space on each side of the driveway. We tried to grow lettuce there, but it wasn't a success. Don't know whether it was the heat baking off the driveway and the brick houses (not much sun got down in there). Or it might have been the car exhaust, from the three cars using the driveway plus the very busy street. It came up fast, and the first lettuce was lovely, but it quickly got yellow and leggy, and within a month was inedible. Marigolds did much better the next summer in that spot!


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