Friday, April 8, 2016

Peanut Vendor

Today's picture is from the streets of Washington DC, and it shows a peanut vendor's cart. While it looks like a popcorn machine, he is actually selling roasted peanuts.


  1. Up until about 1965 or so, there was a store in downtown Baltimore that sold roasted nuts. In addition to the fan blowing almost irresistible aromas into the air, they had a person - usually a young man - who would use a small spoon to put one or two fresh-roasted nuts (almond, peanuts, cashews) into your waiting palm. And most of us made a sharp turn into he shop!

  2. I drove truck for a grocery delivery company. At the end of ever year at holiday time, the owner would start to roast peanut. Man the smell was so great, and the best part was we could help ourselves. He had a big roasting tumbler that would roast a couple of hundred lbs. at a time. Yummy, yummy!!!

  3. I remember visiting friends who lived in Florida from the 1960s on. In parks there were sometimes vendors selling boiled, not roasted, peanuts. My friends thought they were great treats. We tried them, but they were soft and soggy, and not a treat to us Yankees. They were indeed salty, but that's all they had to recommend them. Do you or did you have boiled peanuts in West Texas, PMJ? I don't know if they grow there or not. I suspect my Florida friends' boiled peanuts were grown in Georgia, as they lived in north central Florida.


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