Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Today we look at another of the classic autos that went belly up. Studebaker was one of the premier badges in the auto industry. They started in the mid-1800's making wagons, and then make electric cars in the early 1900's. They then went on to make classic gas powered motor cars. They went belly up in the mid-1060's.


  1. Indiana, in particular Indianapolis, was the 'Detroit' of America pre-depression. The Great Depression wiped them out. The Stutz car factory still stands today and is a haven for various artist types. That and several of the great mansions of the guys who created those marques is about all that remains.

    1. And Studebaker was started in South Bend, IN.

  2. Consumer Reports consistently rated them #1. I never understood how it was that they folded.


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