Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Garden

Today's picture shows a woman tending her spring garden. The picture was taken in 1944 in New York. I can not help but admire her hat. It is a great gardening hat, as it provides shade all the way around, and would protect both the face, neck and ears from the sun. If you spend the winter inside, it is very easy to get a burn as you move out in the spring to garden.


  1. I wonder what's up with the upside-down pots? Some technique to get the very young plants to survive birds and other animals?

  2. If it is early in the spring, we did that to protect from light frost kill the plants. We also used gallon sized tin cans. It also helped against strong wind when the plants were still tender. But you had to uncover them every day and recover at night..

  3. We used plastic milk jugs with the bottoms cut out. Of course, there was no such thing in the 40s.

    I also love the shape of her hat. Somebody once said that if they were stranded on a desert island, they would want to have a wok. You could wear it as a hat, collect food in it, and then use it to cook dinner over an open fire.

  4. I think the hat is not just a perfect gardening hat, but a perfect hat for a cruise! You're protected from the sun all the way around. This one also has a strap under the chin. Even when you're just sitting on the deck being lazy, the cruise liner is still moving, which creates its own wind. So your hat has to have something to keep it on.


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