Friday, March 11, 2016

Bridge Failure

I am noticing a common theme on a lot of the train wrecks I have been looking at this week . . . failed bridges. It appears that often a flood or other event can weaken a bridge, but not give any outward signs of damage, then when the train goes over, the weight of the train causes a collapse of the bridge. This picture was taken in 1902 in Maricopa County, Arizona. This must have been a terrible mess to clean up.


  1. Yes, well, there is no sway bracing visible in the remaining portion. These were of the static load test design era, economical until some happened. No control era, no bridge code. Oh well, they provide interesting pictures.

  2. An very interesting photo and it certainly must have been an awful mess. I have a friend in Maricopa County who loves these type of historical images, especially if they are from the local area.


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