Friday, February 12, 2016

Southern Mansion

Today's picture shows the fireplace in a very nice southern home. One would expect the outside of the house had the classic Antebellum mansion look to it. The fireplace is a prominent feature of this living room.


  1. Today the temperature is 7 degrees. I am starting a fire in the fireplace and have a substantial supply of ash and maple stacked outside the back door. I will not venture far from the fireplace today.

  2. It wouldn't let me make a comment yesterday. I wanted to say that TR National Park (both the north and south units) and the Elkhorn Ranch along the Little Missouri River in the ND Badlands are very beautiful.

  3. This is a beautiful room from every perspective. When we lived in Washington, DC, I had the responsibility to haul wood from our woodshed for the fire and then start the fire most evenings. I also got to clean the fireplace several times each year. In spite of all that "labor", I enjoyed sitting by the fire and reading or dozing over an afternoon. At night the family gathered for a while and visited or played games. Oh what wonderful memories....


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