Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sea Plane

Welcome to Biplane Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at examples of aviation from a hundred years ago. Pictured above is the Richardson Tandem Biplane Hydroplane. The picture is from 1916, so this must have been one of the very first Seaplanes. The early days of aviation must have been so exciting.


  1. 100 years ago any guy could put one of these together and fly over populated areas. People cheered and admired the feat.

    Today, if you send up a tiny 5 lb electric copter, people practically want to burn you at the stake for being a danger to society and civilization.

    Times change.

  2. Both my parents, as late elementary school children, went to different small town airports where big crowds watched biplanes land and take off over and over. My father even earned money from odd jobs to be able to go up for a 10 minute ride in one, which he never forgot. During the 1930s, my grandfather worked in Alaska as an auditor. He remembered reading about the Wright brothers' first airplanes, so his stories of these trips were of being very excited. He was probably more nervous than he told his grandchildren. I imagine that some of his plane rides involved hydroplanes, or seaplanes as we called them. Late in his life, my grandfather also watched on TV as men walked on the moon--he knew he'd watched aviation history unfold in his lifetime.


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