Thursday, February 25, 2016

Passenger Biplane

Most people do not realize that biplanes continued to the point of being commercial passenger carrying craft. The large biplane in this picture shows a large fusalage, probably able to carry 30 or more people. Note it has prop engines on the top and bottom wing. The picture was taken by the Sea of Galilee in 1931.


  1. Just adding a comment. I don't wish for PJM to declare a boycott because of no comments being made.

  2. PJM's site is interesting, but not as interesting as when he was posting things about his RANCH/FARM operation..
    I really miss those posts about his chickens and the different colored eggs.

  3. DADD, yes you are correct, I stopped posting personal stuff. Someone made a comment on the blog that I felt was not useful, so I deleted it. The person became outraged, and started making violent threats against me. He was emailing me 25 times a day threatening violence. I felt it prudent to stop putting personal info up. Maybe I should get back to doing that.

    1. Sorry for the loony that pestered you and upset you. Funny how one person can ruin the lives of so many good FANS.
      Take a vote and see how many want to here about Chickie town again. I know I'll vote a few times myself.
      As a history person myself I know I should comment more on your blogs but with the messing with the ROBOT stuff, I kind of back off some times. And I know you don't control the Robot, so I accept it .
      It does help keep out some of the loonies and those free AD posters.
      Keep up the good work.

  4. Yeesh, you don't need that sort of person around. I'd have hardly thought a site like yours would bring out the loonies. I also miss tale of life in Chickie Town.


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