Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Today's picture shows a Para-fireman as he lands in a forest to fight a fire. This has to be one of the most dangerous jobs on earth.  I would imagine it would be a challenge to just get to the ground, as it would be easy to land and get hung up in a tree (with a nearby forest fire raging).


  1. Fifty some odd years after my last jump into the smoke it was usually our target to land in the trees and use our rope to get to the ground. The trees were generally a safer landing than on a rock filled mountain side that would break a leg in a heartbeat. The hard job, after putting out the fire was to retrieve the chute from the tree.

  2. I imagine that mask over the face was to protect you from scratches and poked-out eyes. Makes sense.

  3. Gaffer has my sincere admiration. Fifty some odd years ago, I fought fires for the US Forest Service, but I was the straw boss on a hotshot crew. We hiked in rather than jumping out of an aircraft. The smoke jumpers were the elite troops.


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