Sunday, January 3, 2016


Welcome to Lumberjack Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at the work men did 100 years ago chopping down trees, and getting them to the sawmill. Today's picture is from 1940, and it shows a lumberjack with an axe in Oregon. I believe that there are very few men in America today who would be capable of doing the work these men die 100 years ago.


  1. Woodsworkers are called Loggers in oregon, not Lumberjacks, and they still exist and it is still hard and dangerous work.

  2. I think there are many men and women who are doing equally hard and dangerous work today. It's just that the media tends to have contempt for them, and rarely give them any notice. In their communities, they're known, and honored.

  3. I'm writing from Southwest Washington State, which, like Oregon, was and is still a timber producing area. Just to add another example: tree services almost all have a "climber." That's a guy who will put climbing spikes on his boots, a rope around the tree trunk, and then climb the thing, with a lightweight chainsaw dangling off his safety belt. Sometimes he climbs in order to thin out boughs. That's called "taking the sail out of it" in the case of tall (over 100')fir trees. Climbers are very strong and very nimble. And logging is still the most dangerous occupation in the state.


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