Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Giant Sequoia

Today's picture shows a team of lumberjacks by a huge sequoia which they have felled. I would imagine that now that the tree is down, the real work is just getting started. It would be interesting to see how they actually chop down a tree this big. The picture was taken in 1905


  1. I would imagine it would take a week or so to bring down that big of a tree.
    Like you said no the real work starts like moving it to the saw mill. And can you imagine the size of saw blade they had to have to cut through that tree.

  2. Think how long it took that sequoia to grow to that girth. Hardly a sustainable tree to be "harvesting," in spite of the beauty of the wood. Nobody would have thought of such a thing in 1905, though. I do hope that nobody would consider cutting them down today, unless diseased or a danger.


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