Friday, January 15, 2016

Feeding Pigs

Today's picture shows a farmer feeding his pigs. Where I grew up, feeding the pigs was known as "Slopping the Hogs", but don't know if that term was used everywhere. Also notice the little pig on the right appears to be the "runt", and you can see being smaller he has trouble getting his place at the trough. The picture was taken in 1939 in Colorado.


  1. We also "slopped the hogs" in SW Arkansas.

  2. Slopped 'em in Indiana.

  3. My dad slopped hogs as a kid in Washington State, Oregon, British Columbia, and Alberta. He also wore overalls, both as a kid and when he was doing "rough work" as an adult. I have a great picture of him wearing a dress shirt, bow tie, and overalls, smoothing out concrete. He'd been dressed to take my mother out to lunch when the cement truck pulled up. They'd given him a span of days they "might" come. So when they arrived, he quickly changed out of his dress slacks and into his overalls, and got to work. When he'd smoothed out their new driveway and what would soon have a roof and be a carport, he changed back, and they went off to lunch. They'd parked their car on the street when the truck drove up.


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