Sunday, January 24, 2016


With the harsh weather in the Northeast, it appears this is a good time to have a Blizzard Week here at OPOD. We will look at pictures from past times of people dealing with snow and bad weather. We start with this picture from 1899 showing workers shoveling snow from the streets of New York. What a labor intensive job this must have been before snow plows.

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  1. The only true blizzard I've ever been through was when I was in kindergarten, in Seattle of all places. It blew in unexpectedly mid morning, and I was in morning kindergarten. The teacher called all the mothers to come get us before it got to white out conditions. This was back when none of the moms had paying jobs outside the home. My mother had a three year old and an infant, whom she didn't dare leave by themselves, and no one to leave them with on the way to the school. By the time she got the 5 blocks to school, you truly couldn't see a thing. To me it seemed very cold, since I'd gone to school with "normal" winter clothing. The wind blew the snow right in our faces. She held my brother's hand, and carried my sister in her other arm. She warned me not to let go of her coat, and I knew she meant it. I was terrified that if I let go, I would die in the snow, because her back was all I could see. We made it home, finally, and she made us our favorite comfort meal of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Then we all had naps. Even living 25 years in various places in the Midwest as an adult, I never saw a blizzard that scared me like that one did. Thirty below is one thing. Digging out several feet of snow is bad enough. Not being able to see for the snow coming at you is something else again.


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