Sunday, December 13, 2015

Prospectors Camp

Welcome to Gold Rush Week here at OPOD. We will look at those brake souls who left everything to pursue riches in the Gold Fields. Today's picture was taken in 1897, and shows a prospector camp in Dyea Canyon in Alaska on the Yukon.

As I look at these old pictures, I often ponder how mundane our lives have become. How exciting it must have been to live back in these days. Now, I think probably the most adventurous avocation would be to be a missionary. That would be the most like living in the times of the Old West or the Gold Rush.


  1. More exciting, for sure. They also spent a lot more time on basic survival than we do. Not sure how exciting that would be day after day? Looking forward to another week.
    -Anne K.

  2. Adventurous, and a lot more dangerous. Often enough the ships carrying the prospectors to the gold fields sank. Disease, starvation, exhaustion, frostbite, etc, took their toll. Violence and the murder rate in the camps were high. The stakes were high, too, and few made real fortunes. For those who did, the rewards could be high, of course. Many of the current movers and shakers of Alaska are their descendants. They live mundane lives, on the shoulders of those giants. I recently did some serious reading on the history of Alaska in preparation for a trip there. The grandmother of a friend was one of the first women to make it over Chilkoot Pass, and her stories would curl your toes! Having survived it with all her toes, and retired to Seattle where she put her gold into real estate, she loved to tell those stories.


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