Sunday, December 6, 2015

Peace Commission

Welcome to the Old West Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at iconic images from the Old West. No period of history is more interesting to me than this time that men strapped on colts and travelled west. It would be hard to imagine a better picture than this one, which shows the "Peace Commission" of Dodge City, Kansas in 1883.

Pictured in the back row second from the right is the legendary lawman Bat Masterson. Seated second from the left is perhaps the most notorious of all figures of the Old West . . . the legendary Wyatt Earp. 

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  1. I love this photo. I always smile when I see it because it smacks of an Old West photo bomb. The man in the top right corner is W. F. Petillon, a paper pushing county clerk. He just wanted in the picture. Other versions of this same photo paint Petillon out of the group or superimpose Bill Tilghman's image over Petillon and for good reason, Tilghman was considered by his contemporaries as the best lawman of his time.


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