Friday, November 6, 2015


Another mainstay of carnival midways is the sideshow. The sideshow pictured above is from a carnival that was in Kentucky in 1940. It is advertising that for only 5 cents you can see the world's largest hog. My experience has been that the sideshows rarely lived up to the hype in the billboards and promises of the carnival "barkers".

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  1. The sideshow is the part of the carnival that my parents would never let us go in. I think they were afraid there really might be two-headed monsters that would scar their little darlings for life! Personally I wasn't keen on carnival rides for the most part, as I tended to get sick to my stomach on rides with too much, ahem, motion. I didn't like being scared, so roller coasters were out. I did like Ferris wheels, as seeing out over things was enjoyable. Trying to win the big teddy bear by throwing a softball at wooden milk bottles wasn't any fun, as I never won the bear. I always suspected that game, and others like it, was rigged. The smell of the popcorn was perhaps my favorite thing about the carnival!


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