Sunday, November 22, 2015

Royal Canadian Mountie

Welcome to Canada Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at pictures of our Northern Neighbors and we start with this picture of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police, more popularly known as a "Mountie". The picture was taken in 1915.


  1. What a gorgeous horse! Every few years, the Mounties will come to the Highland Games in Maryland and give demonstrations if precision riding. Always thrilling. Looking forward to this week.

  2. They still wear the hats and the scarlet tunics. I highly recommend seeing their display of horsemanship, if it is ever in your neighbourhood.

  3. 1915 . . . .That was the year my mother was born in Assinaboia, Saskatchewan, a mouthful for her children to learn to pronounce. She had dual citizenship when her family moved to the US when she was in junior high, as her parents were US citizens when she was born. When she turned 21, she gave up her Canadian citizenship, so she could vote in US elections. But she always had a soft spot for Canada and Canadians. Since we lived in a border state, we traveled to Canada frequently. She would tease us. "If the border guards ask you to recite the alphabet, be sure to remember the last letter is 'z,' not 'zed!' If you tell them 'zed,' the way I learned in school, we might end up having to stay longer than we want!" When I was very young, I believed her. The guards, who weren't Mounties in their scarlet hats and very cool hats, never did ask us any questions.


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