Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Quebec, Canada

Today's picture shows a storefront in Quebec, Canada. The picture was taken in 1937. It is a little surprising to see a horse drawn wagon in use at this relatively late date.


  1. Second-hand Louie! Love it. Sounds as if Barbara Streisand ought to be singing it.

  2. My Mom & Dad are from Quebec and my Mom has memories as a young girl of going to school in a horse drawn sleigh in the winter. The sleigh had a small wood burning heater in it to keep the students warm and they also covered up with a buffalo robe. That would have been in the 1930's so horse drawn conveyances were indeed still in use at that time in rural Quebec. Great photos of Canada this week, thanks for sharing them!

  3. I'm sure the horse had to do with Depression. Cheaper to feed than a truck. The Depression no doubt has to do with the second hand clothing store, too. My mother remembered sewing dresses out of feed sacks, which were made from print fabrics just for that purpose. Her mother had a Singer treadle sewing machine, and her three daughters learned to sew very young so they could make their own clothes, and help with the mending.


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