Thursday, November 26, 2015

Killarney Canada

Today's picture shows Main Street in Killarney, Canada. The picture is from 1940, and shows storefronts and a Dairy Truck.


  1. Interesting that there's a Safeway store, among others. To the best of my knowledge, Safeway began as a West Coast grocery chain. There was one in Seattle across the street from my home in the mid 1940s, and I knew someone who was produce manager in one in Hollywood, California beginning in the early 1940s. I didn't know it had any stores in Canada that early.

  2. I should have looked at Wikipedia for the early history of Safeway in Canada before I made my first post on the subject. Safeway Canada began as a branch of the US company in 1929, purely on the West Coast, and didn't spread to other parts of the country until considerably later. So Killarney, which I could have looked up but didn't, must be in one of the western provinces, probably BC, or maybe Alberta.


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