Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fire Station

Today's picture is from around 1920, and it shows equipment in front of a fire station. The picture was taken on a Naval shipyard in California. The two men on the right appear to be sailors.

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  1. By now there's no water tank on the fire engine itself. This must mean that the fire company expected that wherever they drove their fire truck, there would be a fire hydrant to supply the water to fight the fire. It's been interesting to see that progress from the 1890s to 1900 to 1920.

    Also notice the second story of the firehouse itself. That's where the firemen hang out on their shifts between being called out to fires. In the left hand arched window there are curtains pulled back, with probably a table pulled up to the window. I just read a book written by a woman who trained to be an EMT at a firehouse in 2000, and one of the things she describes is the second floor where the firemen store their gear, hang out, shower after a fire, eat, sleep if there's no fire, etc. It looks like the building on the right has the tower where hoses hang to dry out between being used at a fire. I wonder what the rest of the building's used for?


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