Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fire House

We have another interesting picture of a horse-drawn fire engine from the early 1900's. Interesting that the sign on the building reads "Chemical Engine House". It makes me wonder if this unit focused on fire extinguishers and not water fire fighting.

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  1. There's still a water tank on the engine itself, just like all the others we've seen from the period prior to 1920. If not for that, I'd suggest it might be fighting chemical fires, where water just spreads the fire. Maybe they are equipped for both regular fires where they need water, and chemical fires where they need some other kind of fire retardant. In that case, it would probably be a big-city fire department, or in a small town with an industry that has a risk of fires where water will make things worse. Or even from a town named "Chemical" . . . .


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