Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cotton Candy

Another memorable part of carnivals and midways is the food. The food is not known for its nutritional value, and in many cases, it does not taste that good. Case in point is Cotton Candy. As far as I can tell, cotton candy is simply spun sugar and a little coloring. I dont think it has any flavor other than sweet. I am not sure exactly the process used to make the fluffy ball of sugar. Even as a child, I did not really like the cotton candy.


  1. We have a friend who owns a cotton floss machine, and will make flavours for you. Most carnival floss is strawberry and not much of that. She can make it in blueberry, mango, peppermint, etc. It has no artificial colour, so it is all white. But GOOD.

  2. The outdoor free public swimming pool we used to go to when I was in high school often had a cotton candy kettle outside it. If I had an extra quarter in my pocket, I sometimes got a paper cone full. It was always pink. I don't remember flavor, but I liked it. I wonder if the mile walk each way, plus messing around in the always-crowded pool made up for the calories ingested? I know it didn't make up for what it did to my teeth!

  3. What a nice dress for visiting a carnival! Love the photo.


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