Wednesday, November 4, 2015


How many of you remember the Horse Carousel ride? It looks simple enough . . . carved horses that you sit on as the ride takes them around in a circle. Some of the horses just go in a circle, and others go up and down as the carousel spins around. Actually, this ride made me very sick, so It did not ride it very often. I was fine on things like roller coasters that just went up and down and turned, but I was not so good on things that go in a circle.


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  2. I once got thrown off a carousel. I was wearing a denim summer jumper that did not allow me to sit astride, so I rode side saddle. With a seat belt. I was 70. Did they think I was going to fall *off*? I offered to pull my dress up far enough to get astride (If they can be foolish, so can I.) but they wouldn't allow that, either.

    The Squire thought it was a riot.

  3. I'm not one for carnival rides. I get sick to my stomach, and don't like the noise! But I do love the carousel! The motion was gentle, and I liked the up and down, once I realized I needed to pick a horse that went up and down, and not a completely stationary one. I never got the brass ring, but I always felt I had more chance that I did throwing balls at moving targets of "ducks in a row" that always seemed to move just when I threw my three balls. Ferris wheels and roller coasters made my stomach very upset. I always wore pants at the carnival rides, so sitting astride the horse was easy. I never was interested in riding horses in any other setting. I'd walk around to find the "prettiest" one to ride, and let the fantasy begin!

  4. That picture looks like it could have been used for the cover of The Catcher in the Rye.


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