Sunday, October 11, 2015

Texas Infantry

Today's picture is of Charles Ruff, a member of the 2nd Texas Infantry Regiment. We can see he is proudly displaying his sidearm, and you can see that he also has a big Bowie Knife in the scabbard on his belt.

I found the comment on yesterday's picture interesting . . . one commenter was intimidated by the man in the picture and indicated he would not want to meet the man in a dark ally. I had exactly the opposite response to that picture . . . If I were going to be in a dark ally, I can not imagine anyone I would more want to be with me than that guy with the big knife. So, it is interesting that one person looks at the picture and sees something sinister, and I look at it and relate to the guy as a protector or good guy.


  1. I think the question is "Do you want to *meet* him, or be *beside* him?" Preferably the latter, I think.

  2. Having been spared the woeful ignorance that pervades this grievous era of the USA, I, a freeborn female, would gladly walk down a dark alley with this fellow.

    I'm so tired of "peaceniks", by which my community is inundated, being a state university town. Our populace has been sedated into a comfy sitting duck mentality, having abdicated personal responsibility for defending self, friends and family. Pacifism and peace loving are not the same entities. I heard a quote recently stating that true peace at times lies on the other side of war and that peace at any price is not peace at all but subjugation. I'm disturbed by the growing number of incompetent people who would rather have a dictator that they can suck up to in order to have a bone thrown at them than to be independent and resourceful. We're at an ever shortening distance from that travesty, perhaps mostly there by now.


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