Monday, October 12, 2015

Texas Cavalry

Today's picture shows Simeon J. Crews of the 7th Texas Cavalry Regiment. He is sporting an impressive Bowie Knife, and also a Colt Pocket revolver.

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  1. Those Bowie knives, the ones you've shown us so far, seem to have very distinctive handles, with two little curlicues on the end. Plain, but nicely designed. Just to the right of the handle, is that a patch on the front of Mr. Crews' shirt? The shirt looks clean,if unironed, but this looks like he might have stitched the fabric together where it got caught on something. The style of the shirt is interesting too. No pocket, a high narrow collar worn buttoned to the top, dropped shoulder, full sleeve with pleats into the cuff. Those cuffs are worn folded up at the bottom, though not rolled up. And the sleeves look like they're quite full, with lots of room for swinging that knife around without tearing the fabric in the sleeve. Always fun to see the clothing of a different time and place.


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