Saturday, October 3, 2015


Welcome to Explorer Week here at OPOD. We will be looking at the brave men and their expeditions to the arctic and antarctic realms. I can not promise you that all these stories are going to end well.

We start today with this picture from 1916 of the ill fated Shackleton Expedition to Antarctica in 1916. His objective was to cross Antarctica by dog sled, over the south pole. Things went badly when his ship, the Endurance became trapped in an ice pack. It was slowly crushed to pieces as the crew and dogs looked on. The team camped on the ice until it began to melt, and then escaped on the life boats. It was over a 700 mile journey, and it is amazing that many of them actually survived to make it back home.


  1. I believe the word 'many' should be replaced with the word 'all'. The Shackleton story is amazing. I highly recommend the book 'South', his account of the expedition. It is available in most bookstores, and as a free, public domain download, from Project Gutenberg.

    1. I agree with your "all" statement. One man suffered a heart attack during the ordeal but survived. I have my kids read "Endurance" for History/English.
      -Anne K.


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