Saturday, September 19, 2015

Working Cowboy

Last week was Apache Indian Week, so what better thing that to follow it up with Cowboy Week. Today's picture was taken in 1934, and anyone who ever saw a real working cowboy can tell you what he is doing. Want to hazard a guess?


  1. Probably wishing he had a ready-made instead of that bull durham.

  2. Did they even make ready mades in 1934? My dad used to have us kids roll them for him....

    1. Most likely. I know the Army and the Red Cross used to hand them out at canteens. My German grandfather never smoked, so he sold them to his friend for 5 cents each. Had a down-payment for his house when he got out after Armistice Day.

  3. I think he's rolling a cigarette.

    Then again, since this is the Internet, he could be cuddling a kitty. -wink-

    Enjoy your blog and look fwd. to seeing the posts appear in my reader.

  4. Texting his friends about that silly photographer behind him. Or rolling his own.


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