Friday, September 25, 2015


We wrap up Cowboy Week today with this picture of a group of cowboys sitting on a fallen tree. The picture was taken in 1904 on the FDW ranch in New Mexico. The thing that strikes me about this picture, and most of the pictures this week is how fit and trim everyone is. Folks we are a nation of fat people today. It is the junk food, processed foods, and way to many carbs. This is a great video on why we are so fat. Could the food pyramid we have been taught for the last 50 years really be all wrong? Thought provoking interview.


  1. You're absolutely right! According to the USDA we're three times more likely to be obese today than we were just 30 years ago. We're killing ourselves with a diets of processed foods. The men in this picture wouldn't even recognize the junk we're eating as food.

  2. All the food they ate was minimally processed, and none of that GMO garbage.

  3. And they worked their rear ends off just to survive...


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