Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cowboy Camp

This is a great picture from 1904 showing an authentic Cowboy Camp. This is the real deal with the men sitting around a chuckwagon, getting ready for supper. You can see a creek, and the herd in the background.


  1. It looks like the photographer's wagon again in the upper right background. It would be interesting to know why he went along with this group of cowboys. Maybe he felt this way of life starting to slip away as a new century began. Thank you once again PJM.

  2. Excellent picture PJM. This was a big herd because the owner rarely hired an abundance of hands to push the cows to market. Also, the herd is well bunched up so there are a few more riders not in the picture.

    A really good picture to study the past and lament the passing of the overland movement of cattle. Fences and the railroads ended the long drives while reducing the liability of the owners and cowboys of being attacked by Indians.

  3. Wonderful photo. I can't help but wonder what happened to the cover for the wagon: whether it was removed purposefully, or perhaps a storm casualty.

  4. Most of the cowboys are wearing what look like real 10 gallon hats--much taller and more volume than some of the more recent (like 1930s) cowboy pictures you've shown us. I guess that's where the name came from. It looks like there's a canvas tent in the far left on the horizon, no doubt part of the camp. But what's the thing in the sky in the upper right? Or is that just a smudge on the picture?


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