Friday, September 18, 2015

Apache Camp

This is an incredible picture of Geronimo's camp before he was captured by the US army. You can see a number of children and adults in the picture. The really amazing thing is that these is one white child in the picture. The child, Santiago McKinn had been captured by the Apache.

There is a really great book called "Nine Years with the Indians". It was about a boy who lived in my area that was captured by the Apache. He later escaped and joined the Comanche, and became the adopted son of Quanah Parker. He completely adapted to the Indian culture, and considered himself an Indian. Eventually when his group was captured and moved to the reservation, people noticed he was white, and he was eventually returned to his natural family, but he was never able to adapt to western culture. 


  1. The child on the far left looks as if he might be black.

  2. Fascinating picture and story. Sounds like a neat book!
    -Anne K.

  3. This picture was also used in the 1967 movie Hombre staring Paul Newman


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