Monday, August 3, 2015

West Texas Farmer

Texas Week continues today with this picture of a West Texas Farmer. The picture is from 1937. Farming in West Texas is never an easy thing, but farming in West Texas in 1937 was probably a near hopeless task. Farm lands here are very fertile, and lots of good soil, but the issue is water. We just don't get enough rain.


  1. Speaking of water, how are things going with your hydroponic greenhouse?

    1. I had to turn it off while I was in Africa. So, I am trying to get things ramped up again. The seeds have sprouted, but will take some time to get mature plants.

  2. That appears to be a woman doing the plowing. It looks like she is wearing a slat bonnet. I would not envy that dusty job.
    -Anne K.


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