Monday, August 17, 2015

Turkish Lancers

Today's picture shows a group of Turkish Lancers in World War I. The flags they are carrying in fact are weapons . . . very long spears that would be used to attack infantry. The picture was taken in 1917 near Beersheba in the Middle East.

World War I was interesting in that it was a mix of ancient and modern warfare. In the same war, swords, spears, horses were used alongside airplanes, machine guns and chemical weapons.


  1. Do you mean WW I in your comment on the mix of ancient and modern weapons?

    My grandmother's younger brother was airplane mad, and enlisted in the US Army Air Corps in WW I. Lucky for him, he was still in training in the US when the War ended. From what I've read, the life span of a fighter pilot in that war was measured in a few weeks. As it was, he lived into his 90s. I've got a picture of him and a friend taken about 1916 next to a tiny biplane that belonged to the two of them.

  2. Yes, I have corrected that. Thanks.


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