Thursday, August 6, 2015

San Angelo Fat Stock Show and Rodeo

Today's picture shows patrons buying tickets to the San Angelo Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. The picture was taken in 1940. The Fat Stock Show and Rodeo remains a popular annual event in San Angelo, and gives students the opportunity to show off their livestock and other rural projects.


  1. The men wore suits and the women wore dresses (!) and hats. How times change.

  2. Living in Ohio in the 1970s, my ex and I heard an accent from a store clerk that he thought was San Antonio. When he asked her if that's where she was from, her fact lit up. "Almost! I'm from San Angelo." I've never been either place, but that's what San Angelo has always meant to me. Now you've given me another way to think of it--thanks!

  3. Wow, these people took pride in their appearance. If they could see us today they'd think we were walking around in public in our underwear. :-)

  4. Yes, everyone looks so classy.
    -Anne K.


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