Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cavalry Charge

Today's picture shows a Cavalry Charge of Ottoman Empire Troops. The picture was taken in 1917 near Jerusalem. World War I was probably the last major war that Horses played a significant role in.


  1. I have always found photos from WWI intriguing, but I have never seen these before. Thank you.

  2. Actually, World War Two saw significant horse usage. While not widely known, every major World War Two combatant at least used some horse mounted troops in some roles, and the German and Soviet armies deployed significant cavalry forces during the war. The German army, moreover, was horse dependent for transportation and used huge numbers of horses in draft in that role. The image of the German army as fully mechanized was achieved more than a little by German propaganda, and a certain class of German infantry division was equipped with transportation and reconnaissance mounts in the exact same fashion that they had been in World War One. In fact, the German army used more horses in World War Two than in World War One, and at least one German general post war went on record with the opinion that fighting in the USSR was impossible without the aid of captured Russian mounts (panje ponies).

    The US used horses in a reconnaissance role in Italy during the war, and used a lot of mules for transporting of supplies in Italy and the CBI. The last mounted action by American troops (prior to Afghanistan) occurred in 1945 when the mounted reconnaissance element of the 10th Mountain Division engaged German troops in northern Italy or Austria.


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