Saturday, August 1, 2015

Back Home

Its official . . . I am back home. So, we will be looking at pictures this week from the great Lone Star State. I wonder if you all were getting tired of Africa pictures while I was in Africa.

I did have a wonderful trip, and it was good to spend time with the lovely Miss EAM. It was wonderful to get to see the work she is doing as a missionary, and to help her for a month.

I did get to see many wonderful things there. Africa is truly a beautiful place.

I did make a quick trip into Uganda, and with the help of a Uganda soldier who had commandeered our car was able to hire a boat on the River Nile. We were able to steam up to the Nile to the headwaters, and we collected water from the spring at the start of the Nile River.

This was a great boat to hire for the adventure. The soldier got us a very good deal. The boat very much reminded me of the one in the old movie, The African Queen.

It was a beautiful day on the nile. A cool 70 degrees, sunny, and just a gentle breeze made for a wonderful trip.

The shores of the nile were beautiful. Uganda has not been deforested, and tropical jungle is everywhere.

We reached the headwaters of the Nile, and filled our bottles with water from the spring feeding the Nile.

So, it was a wonderful trip, and it was good to get to spend time with our daughter. Really looking forward to returning to Africa!


  1. Welcome back, PJM. Your pictures of Africa were great and you taught me more about the real Africa than I ever learned in school. I look forward to your next trip.

  2. I was not at all tired of your Africa photos. Thanks for the adventures.

  3. Was it really a month worth of Africa pictures? It didn't seem that long! I bet it didn't seem that long to you, either, being with your wife and daughter. Thanks for sharing your old pictures, and new pictures, and your insights with those of us back home.

  4. This has been a wonderful series, and clearly you had a wonderful trip. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Clearly, you and your daughter are making a little history of your own.


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