Saturday, July 25, 2015

Villagers Near Khartoum

Today's picture is from 1936, and it shows villagers near Khartoum, Sudan. I find it interesting that the African Villages appear to be doing at least as well as many families in the US during this time period. Certainly times were hard in the US in the mid-1930's. Perhaps the days will come again when things are not so different.


  1. I have fancy studio portraits of both my mother's and father's families, the former with 5 children, the latter with 3 children, both taken in 1929, different locations. I asked my mother why 1929. She told me that after the crash in the fall of that year, nobody could afford studio portraits until economy perked up in the late 1930s when the US began to make things for the Allies in WW II.

  2. my folks stayed poor thru 1929, the 30s and into the 40s. In fact rural Iowa didn't pick up until after WWII.


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