Sunday, July 26, 2015

The New and the Old

Today's picture might be my favorite one of our Africa Series. I love pictures like this that show the new and the old in the same picture. We see the man on the donkey doing things the way they have been done for thousands of years, and then we see the fancy car in the background. A striking picture from 1936 Sudan.


  1. I wonder if the passengers in the sedan (lovely pun, Lady Anne) are rich white folks? The driver looks like he's wearing a uniform of some sort, and the car is not an old rattletrap. I agree, the contrast of the modern and the time-honored is wonderful. Eight years later, I'm sure you still see some of this same contrast though the car you've hired may not look quite so fancy. But once you're off the beaten track, your pictures and videos have showed some homely modes of transport, as well.

  2. I meant eighty years later, not eight, of course!


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