Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sudan Royal Palace

There are areas of Africa like Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania that are enjoying a time of great peace and tranquility. Such is not the case in the Sudan. Since the British left in 1956, things have been very bad. Genocide is the norm. In order to try to stabilize things the Sudan was broken into Sudan and South Sudan to try and stop the warring. That appeared to work for a while, but now Civil War appears to continue to rage in South Sudan. I would pray that the peace found in some of the neighboring areas would come to Sudan.


  1. Somebody once said that peace was the period of time while each side was reloading.

  2. This scene looks very peaceful. But . . . Along the left there appear to be rows of two sizes of rifles in racks on both sides of the arches. The wheels look like they have something to do with cannons. And the spoked things up in all the corners seem to me to be swords. War waged by what we call primitive means is still war. I wonder what this beautiful building looks like now, if it even exists.


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