Saturday, July 11, 2015

Native Woman

Today's picture is from 1936, and it shows a native woman in Kenya. The styles and customs vary widely across the country, as each tribe of people have their own fashions and customs. This picture was taken near Fort Hall. This would have been considered an old woman at this time.


  1. Other cultures are fascinating. Thanks for sharing Kenya with us.

  2. People tend to think of Africa as one big country, but as my Tanzanian friend pointed out, they have no more in common with Kenya than Poland has with Italy. She'd never seen Kinta cloth, and I had to explain it to her. And don't get her started on names!

  3. As a lover of dangle earrings, my first thought was "ouch!" Those look heavy. But it's not clear what they're made of. They may be raffia or reeds or something lightweight like that. Clearly the spirals that hang around her neck are metal, and heavy, but they're not pulling at her ear lobes. While she may have been an "old" woman, I'm impressed with her muscle tone and her posture. No old-lady saggy upper arms for her, either. She gets a lot more exercise than I do, that's for sure! I like her direct gaze, and her slight smile. She's not afraid of the camera or anything it represents. The gourd bowls have a simple attractiveness--they're lightweight for carrying, and get the job done. Thank you for finding old pictures of "real people." Do we get another week of Kenya, or are your going home now?


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