Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Standard Service Station

Today's picture shows a Standard Gas Station. The picture was taken in 1942 in Tracy, California. I am sure this customer did not have to fill his own tank.


  1. I pumped gas at a Standard station during the summer of my high school years--late 50's. Red Crown and Gold Crown were the pumps.

  2. Given the year I can also bet that the customer couldn't have it filled whenever he wanted.....rationing during the war.

  3. I was born in 1944, and my mother saved my left-over ration books. Among them were a few for gas, as I got some for that precious commodity. Not as many as an adult did, but enough to help out. Her favorite were my coffee and sugar rations! She nursed me for several months, and the "coffee" was mostly chicory, As a Norwegian, this wasn't her idea of real coffee, but she was very glad to have even that coffee--when she could find it on the grocer's shelves. While she preferred her coffee with sugar, she saved "mine" to bake with.

    I wonder if the truck on the other side of this gas station is a gas tanker delivering more gas into the underground tanks? Also, notice that there's yet another gas station on the corner in the background.

    I have a friend who in 1942 was a student at Berkeley studying geology. Her father was a geologist for SoCal, he Southern California Oil Co. He didn't push her in that direction, as she was also interested in art and drama, but was enthusiastic about geology and didn't discourage her. Her father was working as a geologist for SoCal, Southern California Oil, one of the largest oil companies in CA at the time. But he was enthusiastic about his work and brought home colleagues who talked about what they did. She went to work for them after graduation, when men were off fighting in the War, and ended up having many adventures as a geologist in CA. When she later married another SoCal geologist, however, one of them had to quit, and it was her. Still, they went all over the world for his career, including living in Saudi Arabia, Perth, Australia, and travelling in most of Europe, and Asia. She's led quite a life, still very interesting and active in her 90s.


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