Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Professor Thaddeus Lowe's Civil War Balloon

Yesterday we showed a picture of balloon Pioneer Professor Thaddeus Lowe. Today we show a picture of the ground operations as his balloon is being prepared for flight. His balloons used a hydrogen gas as the lifting gas. The gas was produced by a process of partial combustion of coal or coke. One assumes that this combustion and generation is taking place in the two wagons at the left of the picture. This picture was taken at the Battle of Fair Oaks, where Lowe's flight provided valuable reconnaissance. 


  1. Your blog led me to look up Prof Lowe on Wikipedia. What a fantastic life he had. I am going to try to find the movie that was made of him. Thank you.

  2. You must have happened onto a cache of pictures of Prof. Lowe's balloons. I had never heard of him, and had no idea of his pioneering work, especially in Civil War reconnaissance. Very interesting!


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