Thursday, June 4, 2015

Old Gas Station

This is a classic picture from 1940 of an old school gas station. Notice the old gravity fed pumps. From all the signage one wonders whether their primary product was gas or booze.


  1. I remember seeing some of these in the early 60's.
    One station you had to purchase $1 tokens for the pump..
    1 gallon cost me 25 cents!

  2. Given that sign we saw earlier in the week on how much of the take at the pump actually went to the gas station owner or manager, it's not surprising that liquor, beer, and barbeque are also prominently listed. Alcohol was and is heavily taxed in most states, but many people are more willing to pay those taxes than gas taxes.

  3. Based on the sign out front "Frenchies Bar". I would say what we are looking at is not a Gas Station that sells beer. But a Bar that also has a Gas pump.

  4. I remember going with my father to get gas from one of those pumps and they also had motor oil in a tank with a hand crank to pump oil in a quart container. Their major business was a retail store but had a gas pump for convenience.The store building still stands today but has been converted to a house.

  5. This establishment was located in a small community called Melrose, between Alexandria and Natchitoches in central Louisiana. Jax and Regal were both Louisiana-made beers.


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