Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Middle East Band

Today's picture shows the Baghdad Army Band. The picture was taken in 1932. It looks like a beautiful area they are playing in, and wonders what type of music they would have been playing. It looks like a brass band.


  1. These men would roll - spin! - in their graves if they could see what has become of their beautiful country today.

  2. Many of their descendants, wouldn't even be able to play in a band together. Their suspicions of each other's ethnicity would be too high to allow them to be in a group like this. But those problems had already started when the Western countries cut up the country right after WW I along lines that were convenient to Western interests. That is, that put oil money in the pockets of Britain and France, and later the US. This is too soon for US involvement, so if this was an English band, they were playing English music with an Iraqi beat; if a French band, French music with an Iraqi beat.


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