Monday, June 15, 2015

Drum Major

If this is going to be band week, we have to make sure we do not forget the Drum Major. The picture above is of a drum major on the grounds of the white house. One would hope that his band is in front of him, and that he is not just standing there like lawn art.


  1. it's not a Him it's a Woman lol!

  2. But she identifies as.... oh, let's not get started with that.

  3. I joined the high school Marching Band in 5th grade, before that 2 years in the elementary marching band (small country school back in the late 50s). We had a Drum Majorette until my last year. No guys wanted the job - too much like prissy prancing I think was the reasoning. The guy who took on the job was so terrific everyone wanted to be the DM after that!


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