Thursday, June 25, 2015

Cleburne Texas

This is Horse and Buggy Week, and today's picture delivers up a LOT of horses and buggies. The picture was taken on the town square in Cleburne, Texas. The picture was taken in the late 1800's. One must wonder how someone in the middle could work their way out of the square. Looks like a tangled mess.


  1. Tangled mess, how would you like to be the poor guy who had to clean up the grounds after every one left?

  2. A huge variety of horses and buggies here, and there must be an even greater variety buried in the middle what can't be seen. The one on the right front corner shows the old-fashioned Conestoga wagon that helped settle the west decades earlier. I hadn't known it was used in TX later. To it's left is a buggy with a rudimentary cover, and to that one's left is a plain box of a wagon, its horse unhitched and standing to its side. Behind the covered wagon are two men deep in conversation, but keeping an eye on both wagons. That's just making sense of the little bit of chaos on our edge of it. Looking across it, I i'm sure more sense can be made of the rest. I wonder if those two roofs on the other side can be read? There must have been a second story of some buildings to read these from or why paint messages on roofs? That tall building is the county courthouse of Johnson Co, which is in the E. central part of TX. Cleburne was named after a Confederate general. (Wikipedia)


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