Saturday, June 13, 2015

Brass Band

Welcome to Band Week here at OPOD. We will look at the old tradition of people getting together with real instruments and making music. This picture is from 1865, and shows a military band with the 10th Veteran Reserve Corps. Looks like a fine group of musicians.


  1. It's unlikely, but the person on the far left certainly does seem to be a woman. Great group, though. I love brass band music!

  2. Second that motion! When I was in high school, my boyfriend was in the the school concert band and played the bass--that great big stringed instrument that's played standing up. This was years before Woody Allen thought of being a cellist actually playing in a marching band, picking up his chair every now and then to catch up with the band. My guy was the only non-brass player, and they had one more tuba than tuba players. So when they played in parades, he got to "play" the extra tuba. He had to learn all the moves, but only a real tuba player would have known he didn't do anything with his fingers on the keys. More than 50 years later, I still think of that when I watch the Rose Bowl Parade on TV. Looking forward to Band Week.

    Would be interesting to know where this picture was taken. It almost doesn't look like the US, though it could be an ethnic community. I love the men, boys, and woman? trying to get into the edges of the picture.

  3. Composed of active duty Union soldiers who were rendered unfit for combat service due to wounds or illness, the Veteran Reserve Corps allowed these men to continue serving in the army, while at the same time freeing up able-bodied men for field or combat service.


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